10 Teaching Resources You May Have Missed

It’s difficult to find all the newest resources on Teachable so we’ve rounded up a selection of topics that have had recent additions.

A few of the resources you’ll find there are still available to download for free. All we ask is that you leave a fair review for other teachers browsing the site. 

History, 20th Century World

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a great set of resources created by Gareth Butcher, from First World War One to the summary sheet on the USA (also great for revision).

Biology, Health and Disease

Look out for Louise Edgeworth’s lesson materials on such topics as antibodies, vaccination, and the immune system.

English, Grammar

The most recent materials have been submitted by Julie Hearn and are targeted at KS2 students. “Grammar Tools”, “Sentence Cards”, and “Write Right” exercises are great for printing out and using on desks.

Maths, Shape and Space

You don’t have to look too far for Chris Wintle’s Powerpoint with a practical explanation of the 4 basic loci.

Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Stuart Barker’s resources are easy to find here – they are distinctive with their rich blue colour. Make sure you check out his “Domino Games” as well as they’ve been very popular with students.

Geography, Economic Activity and Development

James Yeoman is one of the most known Geography contributors. He has a vast amount of high-quality contributions that include well selected images to accompany the topic.

Physics, Electricity and Circuits

“Nuisance & Dangers Of Static Electricity” by Henry Cordy-McKenna (he was out first Contributor of the Month back in December 2012) is designed to get kids working and researching together with a number of useful links to start with.

Italian, Free Time

A well organised Powerpoint “Pets” by Lea Ottocento has only 9 free downloads left. Hurry up and get a copy whilst you can!

Biology, Genetics and Evolution

Jessica Wright’s “Apoptosis” covers the mechanisms and reasons for apoptosis with a discussion opportunity to engage students. Comes with a “gory pictures” warning.

Design and Technology, Product Design

Last one to top off the list is a comprehensive resource on sustainability in design. Created in collaboration with the experts, it boasts an impressive selection of  content.

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