Happiness Skills [FREE Kindle Book for Limited Time]

One of our contributors, John Hesnan of Inspired Solutions, is offering his recently-published Kindle book “Happiness Skills” for free for only two days this week. You can get your copy between Wednesday 10 July – Thursday 11 July on Amazon.

In his book John looks at practical tools

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to improve the quality of life through managing stress, resolving conflicts and other essential skills:

An essential Book for all Teachers / Educators, filled with practical tools you can use at any time in your life. Help yourself and your students to develop new ways to create a happier and more fulfilling way of living. The skills of happiness can be learned by anyone, at anytime. This book will help you become more optimistic and motivated in the knowledge that what you are doing is your choice. It will help you to build strong relationships, overcome challenges, and succeed at work and in life. My life was one of struggle until I discovered my purpose in life and was then able to set meaningful goals based on my values”

John is an award-winning entrepreneur who has also developed an animated and interactive music learning resources MusiCan, which are available to download on his page.

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