Interactive Music Lessons

MusiCan is a fantastic suite of animated learning software products that were launched on Teachable. Interactive music teaching resources cover basic concepts from pitch and pulse to dynamics and rests through singing games, tapping rhythms, creating sounds and other

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engaging activities. Targeted at pre-school and KS1 Level, MusiCan offers a comprehensive curriculum with visually appealing lessons. Children are taken on a fun musical journey through various themes in which musical knowledge and skills are developed. They are encouraged to listen with attention to sounds found in the environment and find new ways of using sound in composing. You can begin with teaching how to identify and create new sounds by visiting animals at a farm and listening to transport sounds in town

In another animated lesson learn your do, re, me, fa and sol with coloured birds that represent the notes in a musical scale.

Later you can join tas and tees to follow rhythms and recognise musical phrases. Created by an award-winning entrepreneur John Hesnan of Inspired Solutions, MusiCan uses animation, visual cues, sound effects, repetition, song, roleplay and actions to communicate learning points The lesson plans have been specifically designed to cater for non-specialist and specialist early years practitioners and are suitable for teaching small and large groups of learners. All resources are also great for SEN, ESL/ELL students and each module’s lesson plan includes further guidance to facilitate creative development. There are a few resources available to try for free before they go on sale so grab a few copies and leave your feedback to the contributor.

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