Resources for Nepalese Curriculum Grade 9-10

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In previous post we covered resources suitable for the Nepalese curriculum grade 6-8. Here we will look at further resources suitable for higher grade 9-10.

English Resources
Preposition Pairs And Example Uses: This interactive presentation introduces prepositions and explains their use to describe relative positions. There are clear and colourful examples to consolidate knowledge in a fun manner. The ending includes a fully interactive quiz which could be used as a plenary.
Of Mice And Men Essay Planner: A pack of worksheets which form a plan for writing an essay about the opening of 'Of Mice and Men'. This can be used for a piece of GCSE coursework or as exam practice.
Physics Resources
Measurements And Density Sheets: Information sheets setting out what students are required to know about units, taking measurements, useful physics equations and density. There are two separate files which total 14 pages, and which are designed to be easy to understand and to provide excellent reference material for coursework or revision.
What Is An Electrical Circuit?: Class presentation using an animated diagram to show how electrons move energy around a circuit, how to measure current, the functions of different components in an electrical circuit and their symbols. It also includes a brief introduction into Ohm's law and current-voltage graphs for 3 components. It has practice questions throughout.
Chemistry Resources
Introduction To Chemical Reactions: An introduction to simple chemical reactions and word equations. Useful links to video clips of reactions of rubidium and caesium with water.
Electrolysis - Summary: Great visual presentation with embedded animations showing Ions in solution, Cations and Anions, and Electrolysis. The two one slide electrolysis animations are: Purification of Copper & Electrolysis of Aluminium.
Biology Resources
Meiosis And Gametes: Includes animations to show the cells at each stage of meiosis as well as explaining how gametes are formed. There is also an activity sheet with questions about mitosis and meiosis which can be used to revise once both topics have been covered, and a diagram of cells during meiosis to test pupil understanding.
Blood And Its Circulation: Class presentation describing the circulatory system, structure and function of arteries, capillaries and veins. Diagram of heart, with explanation of its function. Also covers the composition of blood and mechanism of clotting.
Mathematics Resources
S1 Probability - Venn And Tree Diagrams: Presentations working through an introduction to probability, diagrams and conditional probability.
Basic Trigonometry: Explanation of why Pythagoras, COS, SIN and TAN ratios work, how to use them, and worked examples.


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