TeachMeet BETT 2013 Highlights

Every time I go to TeachMeet events there is always a fantastic atmosphere created by the most enthusiastic educational professionals out there, and this one was no exception. If you’re wondering what you missed out on, you can view the recorded livestream on YouTube (minus the first 20 minutes due to technical difficulties) and I’ve gathered a few tools worth mentioning.

BATTT by @mrlockyer and @mrwaldram

Stephan Lockyer and Ben Waldram presented their new initiative to Bring A Teacher To Twitter. Such a great idea! Get involved if you have colleagues who have never tried Twitter or are dubious about its benefits.

HTML5 Presentations by @mberry

Miles Berry demonstrated how Hackasaurus makes it easy to review and redesign any website, and introduced Impress.js for creating presentations in your browser. Impress.js has been inspired by Prezi but is completely free right now and allows animating in 3D.


Used by @KateRussell for an advert promoting her new book and mentioned by others at the event, PowToon is a DIY presentation tool. It has an easy drag-and-drop function so you can create marketing videos, presentations, or cool clips for your class and website.

ClassDojo by @sciencelabman

ClassDojo keeps gaining popularity and this is not the first event where I’ve seen this behaviour management software. Teachers have been keen to embrace and share it with others so it’s not surprising its popularity has skyrocketed.

Thanks to everyone who made it such an enjoyable and successful evening. 

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