Explaining our rating system

The ratings you enter are a major indication to future users of this resource of whether it is worth paying for and using, as well as feedback to the contributor to help them develop future resources. Please be objective and considered, and if there are areas for improvement you can note them in your review.


Our members place huge value on creative and interesting ways to teach new topics. An original resource will use new approaches, explanations, technology or teaching style to work through the topic. Not all the material on Teachable can be highly original, but resources high on this scale (even if the presentation is not perfect) are ideal for members who like to adapt resources.

1 star 3 star 5 star
  • I see this approach all the time
  • Nothing new in this
  • Slightly different angle on the topic
  • I have never seen something like this before
  • This is a really different approach to the topic


A guide to how polished the resource is. Better presented material will have more work gone into design, selection of images or creation of diagrams and notes.

1 star 3 star 5 star
  • Low-resolution / grainy images
  • Messy pages or mis-aligned text
  • Collection of disparate material
  • Neat, structured layout
  • Useful images, thoughtfully selected
  • Professional standard diagrams and design
  • Super quality images, animations or video
  • Overall polished look

Content Depth

This scale measures how much material this particular resource covers, and how much follow-on content is included. In general, a single resource is designed for one hour of lesson time, but there are cases where it may be less (a starter) or more (a whole scheme of work).

1 star 3 star 5 star
  • A couple of printable sheets
  • Presentation with a few slides of bullet points
  • Set of differentiated worksheets
  • Extended presentation with notes
  • An entire scheme of work, including all necessary guides and hand-outs
  • Interactive game or activity with lots of options

Time Saved

The ultimate aim of a resource on Teachable is to save a teacher time in prepering for a class. We aim to make it as quick and easy to find the material as possible, but as a minimum every file on Teachable should save over an hour of preperation time.

1 star 3 star 5 star
  • By the time I found and evaluated this material, I could have created it myself
  • It would have taken me a couple of hours to produce this / pull this together
  • I wouldn’t even know how to create this material
  • Having this resource has saved me hours and hours of work

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