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Teachable is continually improving education standards by making class preparation easier and less stressful for teachers. facilitates the sharing of excellent lesson ideas by rewarding contributors and using online community feedback to provide a rich Web 2.0 experience.

Teachers can browse and search for relevant resources matched to a subject, topic, age group and ability level. By encouraging teacher feedback, and providing easy previews, makes it as quick as possible to find the best material. A continuing flow of new resources is sourced from contributing teachers earning a half share of all revenue we make from their files.

Teachable Ltd is a social enterprise, funded by private capital but with a specific commitment to use funds to improve teachers working lives, and reinvest a share of revenue in the teaching community. It does not receive government grants or charitable handouts, but instead exists by charging schools and end-users for the content they use. The founders believe in a fair, efficient and sustainable way to deliver educational materials in the Internet age.

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